Sunday, December 16, 2007

Who is the real critic?

Early last week, the reviews started coming in for Alvin and the Chipmunks. Now I will admit that the film is nothing groundbreaking. It is however, made for a specific target audience. An audience I think it reached.
The film took in an estimated 45 million dollars at the box office this weekend. Its a very strong showing for a film most figured would only gross half of that in total.
I'm glad to have had a part in this film. Seeing it in the theater with a hundred screaming kids was great! They loved it. It felt good to know that someone was enjoying all the hard work put into this film. That was rewarding. Thats why I love animation! It reaches people. It doesnt matter to me if those people happen to be 3 year olds.
The film is actually better than you would expect. Like I said, its nothing spectacular to be sure, but give it a chance before you bash it. You might be surprised.


Jasmine said...

It's wonderful! You should be very proud!

Don Does Dallas! said...

Forget the critics, I am goin to see it! Good job! I pray to God! I get to work on a frame of something like this one day!