Friday, February 15, 2008

Anouncing: Band Together

Over the Christmas break this year I had a lot of stories running through my head. Traveling across the country always seems to stoke my imagination. I always get the urge to do a short film and since the time is never going to be just right, I decided to go for it.

The story I wrote during the vacation became "Band Together". This will be the basis for my short. It follows the story of Chi, the smallest in a tribe of tiny little forest creatures. They are being starved by a giant beast which guards the source of their food. Chi has to find the strength to unite the tribe in their quest for food. Their fate depends on trusting one another and to defeat the larger, stronger, hungrier beast.

The drawing above was the first one I did as the story developed in my head. The look I am going for is kind of a "Dr. Seuss" meets "Where the Wild Things Are". I have some concept drawings done for the characters and I will post them once I get the color versions done. I've been really busy at work but I've stayed motivated and will continue to work on this as much as I can.

If there is anyone interested in getting involved with this project, get in contact with me - I could use some modelers and environment artists to get this project moving.

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