Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hulk Opens Strong

I had a chance to check out the film yesterday for the first time on opening night with the whole family. We enjoyed it and critics have been giving it decent reviews. I worked on the University Raid sequence and also a shot in the final fight where Hulk stabs the Abomination. Heres the trailer and some other stuff..

2 o'clock Critics - The Incredible Hulk from RedFence on Vimeo.

Go check it out! I hope everybody enjoys it, we all put alot of work into this one.


The 2 o'clock Critics said...

Sweet, awesome job on the FX, we were impressed. It didn't make the final cut for length purposes, but we talked at length about the stabbing scene and how awesome it was. Kudos!

John said...

Actually the stabbing shot is in the movie, just to clarify. Its the part where Hulk has Abomination wrapped up with the chain. He grabs Abom's arm and rips the bone out before reaching up and sticking it in his hand. Probably hard to tell exactly what happened though since it looks so dark and theres all that action.

Glad you liked the movie! Your review was great!