Thursday, July 10, 2008

Remix Artist Collective, Volume I

I found this mix just the other day on Stereogum. Artists include Bloc Party Ra Ra Riot and Chromeo. It represents a growing trend of free online mixtapes which are popping up online. There was a similar mix released by Ratatat a few months ago covering some true gangster rap. These mixes are free to download legally. Viva freedom! You can also listen to it right here if you want:

Here's an excerpt of the liner notes from R.A.C. creator André Allen Anjos:
One of the main reasons I started RAC was out of frustration with the current remix scene. I was just plain bored with the lack of variety at the time. Things have definitely come along just in the past year or so with more and more bands remixing each others songs. I strive to create remixes for music lovers who want to hear the song re-invented, not just re-interpreted and chopped up. I hope people experience the original songs in a different way that not only complements the original, but takes them somewhere else.

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