Friday, January 23, 2009

Feeling Contemplative

If I could find a video to help describe my angle on my career and life in general, I'd be hard pressed to find something better than these two videos by Sigur Ros. I've always loved this band's eclectic and unique orchestration, but these videos spoke to me in a way that I just had to share them here on the blog. In a way they represent my feelings about animation. Working in this field is a crazy journey and there's been moments where I just had to jump off the deep end and have faith that everything would turn out ok. My reward for this had been the ability to live a life in which I never really have to grow up completely. I'm never more than a few frames away from my childhood in a way. I can stay connected to my imagination and push it everyday if I choose to. That, I feel, is the real key to staying young and enjoying life. It's easy to get burned out, and I've been feeling a bit of that lately. Looking at videos like these always help me to find more inspiration and to keep on plugging away.

Enjoy. Happy Friday!

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