Monday, March 9, 2009

Watch the Watchmen!

Over the weekend I went with a few people to check out the Watchmen. We saw it at the cinema dome at Arclight Hollywood, which was a cool experience in itself. That theater is huge! Anyway, theres been a lot of opinions thrown around about this film from the very beginning of its production. It was deemed unfilmable and even scrapped after a few false starts. Its based on a very influential graphic novel of which I read the majority. So coming into the film I had the perspective of someone familiar with the characters and the themes from the graphic novel but also the curiosity of a newcomer. The real question was how do you make a film for both groups of viewers? The ones who want to see their beloved comic book come to life true to form, and those who just wanted to see a super-hero movie. In the end, I think it was difficult to satisfy both. As a movie goer, I really actually enjoyed this film. I think its easy to get caught up in the back story of a film production and miss the point of movies in the first place - entertainment. I decided to put aside what I knew about the film and just come into it with an open mind. Sure some parts could have been better. The subtle nuances of the novel's subplots are lost, and certain performances leaving you disappointed. If you just sit back and enjoy the visual aspect of the film and invest what you can into the characters, (Rorsach was great!) then you will enjoy this film more. I would say to go see it despite what you've heard. Yoou might be surprised.

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