Monday, May 12, 2008

Go Speed Racer

(image: yahoo movies)

In keeping up with the summer movie season, I went to check out Speed Racer this past weekend, the new anime adaptation from the Wachowski "siblings". Although it got a good deal of bad press and only pulled in a lousy 20 Million at the box office over the weekend, I actually like this movie quite a bit.

The pure imagination that went into this film is what really struck me about it. I was thinking to myself while I was watching it - "This is so impossible. A car could never do that, the G force would be too much, gravity doesnt work like that...etc." But thats what makes it so great! If you are going to go over the top on a movie, go all the way. And thats just what the Wachowskis did. You dont go to see an action adventure movie like this hoping that it could all take place in the real world. Its an escape. A glimpse into another universe.

Speed Racer was fun and worth seeing in the theater if not for the colors, then for experience of the speed and danger that it brings to the screen. Don't take my word for it though, you can watch the first 8 minutes online courtesy of yahoo movies.

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